DIY Miniature Tailor Shop for Figures – Nendoroid, Cu-poche, Petite Blythe and Calico Critters

Hey everyone, today I’m showing you a DIY dollhouse kit that I think is perfect scale for Nendoroid, Cu-poche and Calico Critters.  Thanks to Robotimeonline for sending this kit Lisa’s Tailor.

I also filmed how I built it from scratch, please watch it here:


When I received this kit, the first Nendoroid that I thought about is Nendoroid Tomoyo Daidoji. She is Sakura Kinimoto’s bestfriend in Cardcaptor Sakura series and she loves to sew costumes of Sakura.

Building this kit is a lot easier than Robotime’s Cathy’s Flower House DIY Dollhouse. The reason why it took me so much time to make this is I did a lot of modifications and repainting. I like my dollhouse kit to be unique and different from the others. Plus, I’m in love with light colors such as white and mint green.


From all the dollhouse kits I made, this tailor shop is one of my faves. Seeing the parts brings me back to the old days when my grandma and mother use this sewing machine. When I was a little girl, my mom sewed me my dresses with that same looking sewing machine.  She even sewed cute dresses for my dolls back then. I didn’t get that skill from her, I’m not very good at sewing. 😀



Robotime Lisa’s Tailor Dollhouse includes a variety of materials such as fabric for the set. With wood, fabric, and thread in this kit, it adds realism to the project. If you like your dollhouse rooms to look realistic like me, then this kit is for you. You can paint them according to your liking and style.

I only used poster color in painting the parts. It is available at your local craft stores or school supplies shop.


The kit also includes paper cut outs to complete the tailoring room and other miniature pieces like the scissors. I also added a board for inspiration instead of using their wall frame cut outs.


I cut old Cosmopolitan magazine, paste it on the cork board and ta-dah!



Just like other dollhouse kits, this also includes LED light. It looks cozy with the lights on. If I can shrink as small as Nendoroid I would love to hang out at this place and learn how to use that classic sewing machine.


The only negative about this kit is that it’s too cramped BUT you can adjust it the way you want. If you’re into toy photography, you can just re-arrange the parts to get the right composition. Plus, you will love the many miniatures that you can use for your future photo shoots.

As I mentioned earlier, the scale is perfect for Nendoroid, Cu-poche, Petite Blyth and Calico Critters. Nendoroid measures approximately 10cm size, while Cu-poche is approximately 11cm.

Here is Good Smile Company Nendoroid Tomoyo Daidouji ready to make a dress for Sakura. ❤ The chair is a bit small for her but I managed to make her sit still with my balancing trick and a LOT of patience. 😉


Here is Kotobukiya Cu-poche Tsukiko is about to find her new hobby.


Here is a Petite Blythe Red Riding Hood and her costume seem so perfect in this set. Classic one.


I took a pic of my Sylvannian Family but lost it, I’ll edit this post once I take a new pic in this dollhouse kit.


I really loved this dollhouse kit. Aside from the fact that it works well with my figures, I also love the design and the miniatures along with it.

Making it is a bit tricky so If you bought your own kit like this and seem lost, you can watch my video for reference.

Would I recommend it?  Yes, definitely.


The dollhouse is available at:
Robotime’s webshop: (Free Shipping Worldwide)
UK Amazon:
USA Amazon:

Robotime wants to see the photos or videos shared by you on your own social media. Just tag #robotimeonline or @robotimeonline
Robotime will choose good photos and videos and possibly reshare it on its social media and send coupon codes or giveaways (no time limit) for the sharer. (Please contact Robotime if you have questions/inquiries)

Connect with Robotime:

Sony Philippines
Filmed with Sony A6300 / Photos were taken with Sony A6500

Lisa’s Tailor Shop DIY Dollhouse Kit

The product is provided by Robotime for YouTube and honest review.

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