Happy Birthday To You

Today’s post is dedicated to my best friend and best partner ever, the love of my life ❤ Jesper! I am so, so happy you were born. 🙂

Nendoroid Saber Bride

“I shall now confess— I truly love thee!” From the popular game ‘Fate/EXTRA CCC’ here come’s Good Smile Company Nendoroid Saber. Since today is very special to me, I decided to finally photograph my boyfriend’s favorite, Saber. If you are wondering why it is special, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 9 months of being crazy together. Yay!! ❤…

A Mother’s Love

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I took Nendoroid Saber Casual Ver. out again and portray as a mother to my little nendoroid petite Saber. Here’s a quick shoot dedicated to all moms in the world. Happy Mother’s Day! Send your mother some love, hugs and kisses as a way to give thanks to her. ❤

Nendoroid Complete File with Saber Casual

Last 2012, Good Smile Company released their very first album containing all the photos of Nendoroid that they have produced. Along with the album is this adorable Nendoroid Saber in her casual clothes. I have several Saber Nendoroids in my collection but unfortunately I wasn’t able to snag this one that time. My boyfriend happens…

Fate/Stay Night – Saber Capsule Fortune

I got these cute Saber capsule charms last week, special thanks to Revoltech Philippines. The package consists of 5 Sabers with different fortunes each. I don’t know how to read Japanese, so I don’t know what was written on this fortune. This Saber Capsule Fortune by Kaiyodo can be used as a cellphone strap, keyholder…