Umaru’s Staycation at a Modern Home

Hey everyone! It’s been so long, I know.  So many things happened after the holidays and there are so many backlogs too. I even missed sharing some of the Holiday pics but for now, I decided to show you first my recent work.

It’s another dollhouse which I receive from Funnyroot back in December and I just finished the video recently. Sadly, I couldn’t get a hold of them anymore. Whoever agent sent this, thank you!

Make sure to watch the video how I built the dollhouse kit.

The dollhouse has a modern vibe. I also like the choice of colors, but I still made a few changes like the fabric used, wallpaper and a few miniature pieces.

Of course, the dollhouse is so small that even the regular size Nendoroid petites won’t fit, only this Umaru Trading Figures can fit inside the modern home. So if you’re planning to buy for Nendoroids, then I would not suggest it. Btw, this Umaru figures are about less than 2 inches in size.





The dollhouse looks minimalist and cozy. I love that it’s so bright and the light can easily enter the entire home.


It also has a veranda where you can put some tiny flowers too. Great place for coffee and watch the sunrise in real life, if you ask me.


Umaru lazing around and having a staycation this long weekend.

Btw, I’m still planning to take more pics of this soon. I still have a lot of Umaru trading figures to shoot. 😉

I hope you enjoy the video and the pictures. See you all again real soon!


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  1. River says:

    How cute! Umaru-chan looks like she’s enjoying her staycation~

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